Maybe this sounds familiar: You’re a self proclaimed go-getter, goal crusher, have a side hustle, an entrepenurial spirirt and you’re doing everything all at once. Yet somewhere, lurking in the background are uncomfortable symptoms showing up everyday. Sound like you? Keep reading.

I work with women just like you becuase I am just like you! So much of my time and energy was compromised as a result of problematic health issues that impacted my day to day. 

Here’s what I’ve come to learn: you’re already busy tackling your to do list, dreaming up your next big thing and somehow balancing everything at once. Trust me when I say the last thing you need is mismanaged health getting in the way of you doing your thing. I say this from experience, becuase I was there too. What would more time, energy and overall simply feeling better allow you to accomplish?

 Investing in ourselves and in your health is the single best investment you’ll make for your business, your life, your relationships and future. Let’s assess your individualistic health needs. Together we will work to provide you with the firm ground to start building your vibrant, healthy life.

An indepth, tailoed approach to your personalized needs through a full assessment of your dietary and lifestlye habits. Choose from different packages that best suit your needs.

Want to learn new, actionable information and establish healthy habits from the comfort of your home? Ideal for busy individuals who wish to go at their own speed.

Get up close and personal. Firm Ground Nutrition events place an emphasis on community, education and aim to be interactive to get you hands on and involved.


Firm Ground Nutrition work to establish and support a solid foundation of health through supporting 4 pillars: Blood Sugar, Digestive Health, Hormonal Balance and Optimal Sleep.

The interconnectedness and breadth of these 4 pillars allows me to ensure you are properly supported, as these fundamentals commonly underlie the imbalances we experience on a day to day basis.

The change we establish is incremental yet significant, one step at a time. I look to establish both healthy dietary habits and lifestlye habits becuase I recognize that well-rounded health cannot exist one without the other.


Here’s the thing: nothing worth having comes easy, especially when it comes to creating sustainable, healthy change. I get it, and I’ve been there. It’s tough and time consuming, which is why I’m with you everystep of the way. That is my commitment to you. Your commitment to your goals is the important first step in working toward a strong foundation of health. This will allow you the energy, mental freedom, clarity and overall wellbeing to tap the limitless potential you’re capable of.

My goal working with you? I want to put you back in the drivers seat with your own health. My goal is to enable you with information that allows you to feel empowered and in charge of you health, so you can be in charge of you life.

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