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Approachable Nutrition Services for burnt out professionals ready to restore their energy and uplevel their life and business

Firm Ground Nutrition is about setting you up with a foundation of health so you can accomplish everything you want out of life. It is about providing you with the tools, knowledge and know-how to take control of your health and feel empowered to make decisions for your health and wellbeing that will in exchange allow you the mental clarity, energy and focus to reach the next level in your life and business. We aim to work smarter (not harder) and ultimately not only increase those feel good health vibes, but to increase the amount of time you have in the day to do what you do best (whatever that may be).

Within the root cause approach, often the starting point is focused on the health of the gut and digestive system. The breadth and interconnectedness of our health to this system is far reaching and nearly all encompassing when it comes to common health complaints.

The Philosphy

Firm Ground Nutrition believes in knowledge and empowerment through knowledge. We believe in working hard toward what we want out of life (vibrant health) but also maximizing time to work efficiently and smartly, keeping sacred your most valuable assets, your health and your time. Aiming for real health transformation, we look to the root cause of how we can elevate your health through incremental yet significant and sustainable dietary and lifestyle changes.

Like anything worth having in life, whether your business or your health, hard work and consistency is key to your success. There is no secret to overnight success. To be in it for the long run, dedication and perseverance are required. The systems Firm Ground Nutrition has in place make changes attainable and build upon themselves to elevate your health.

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My name is Brittany Andrejcin, CHNP. I am a graduate of Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Program. I started and continue my journey as a nutritionist with the goal of empowering and educating people to take control of their own health landscapes. At the very core of who I am, I deeply believe in the transformative and liberating power of good nutrition. Beyond this, I love that I am never done learning. Everyday, my passion and knowledge for nutrition grows and I am eager to share my excitement and tools for abundant health with you. 

My own personal experience juggling multiple endeavours at once that left me feeling burnt out, stressed and at the lowest point in my health. In this state, both my health and my business ultimately suffered. I knew I couldn’t abandon the goals and dreams I had for my life and that I needed to find a way to do what I was doing in a way that wasn’t long term compromising my health.

It was the power of finding a working harmony and flow between my life and business that allowed me to push to the next level with my life and business. The positive changes I introduced became cyclical and continue to work toward elevating the other. It took small, incremental changes that build on each other for me to reach this place. Various lifestyle and dietary modifications were introduced that needed to fit within my busy schedule to reach place where my days felt productive, fulfilling without being at the expense of my health.


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