approachable Nutrition Services for burnt out professionals ready to restore their energy and uplevel their life and business

Hi, I’m Brittany Andrejcin, CHNP

As a multi-passionate person who has always had multiple endeavours to juggle, I know first hand how difficult it can become to prioritize health and well being the same way we do our businesses and to do lists. I also know first hand how not prioritizing health and well being can lead to burn out and fatigue which can turn into spinning your tires and losing the passion behind your “why”. This is why I intentionally created a method to address the root cause behind low energy, burnout, stress and lack of mental clarity and focus without large time commitments.

I teach you how to prioritize your nutrition and health in a way that allows you time freedom and to work smarter not harder, resulting in the return and increase of energy you need to match your ambitions, reach your goals and make the most of out of your everyday.



Together we’ll create a plan focused on empowering you with the tools and knowledge you need to build a solid foundation of good health. Work with me 1 on 1 for individualized plans specific to your needs.


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“The greatest form of preventative medicine is to engage in an eating style that avoids typically processed foods – to follow a dietary protocol that honors real food, the way our bodies evolved to expect it to look, taste, and feel.”

– Kelly Brogan, A Mind Of Your Own

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